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Fresh Thoughts To Free You From Fear

We believe light shines brighter in the darkness. No matter the source of your pain, we believe there is hope for you. 

To encourage you we want to bring you fresh thoughts and perspectives that will encourage you to find meaning and purpose as you negotiate crises, suffering and despair. The Hope Beyond Crisis blog features writers and leaders from all walks of life sharing the hope they have found.

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A Partner with God

Ray Dallin tells us of the importance of being not just a follower, but a partner with God, relying on His strength and leadership everyday.

Going the Extra Mile

Like Ruth we should be prepared to go the extra mile to help one another, as Geoff Folland tells us in this great story of human kindness.

Our Hope of Glory

A timely reminder from Jonathan Cortese that as we serve others with love they will see Jesus through us

Opportunities Amidst Crisis

Wow! Benjamin Foo ends this article with a powerful prayer for us all to pray every day to strengthen all areas of our lives in these times.


Despite the isolationism in these Covid-19 times Daniel James says God keeps us united by opening up new opportunities to be in fellowship.

First Response

It's a timely reminder by Matt Hall for us to reach out in love to others in need even though we may disagree with what they say or do.

Rejoice Always

Violet James tells us to rejoice in the Lord even though we are unjustly treated

The Loneliness Epidemic

Geoff Folland writes that despite all the social media and other modern conveniences at our disposal, many of us are more lonely than ever.

From Failure to Success

Davidson James tells Christians not to be afraid to venture out into the deep of the secular world to proclaim God' message.

Let Us

Daniel James leads us through a Word study out of Hebrews to help us realise what really matters in these difficult times.

A Shelter for the Storms

Benjamin Foo explores how to deal with the fear, discomfort and "cabin fever" and what it truly means to find true shelter.

Ready for Fresh Beginnings?

Matt Hall explores the importance of doorways, transitions and 'event boundaries' in our lives to help us prepare for life after quarantine.

The Marks of a 21st Century Disciple

Jesus asked his disciples in the 1st century a critical question "Who do the people say I am?". Geoff explores it's 21st century implication

In Times like these

Several nations in our world have gone into an unprecedent lockdown since the Coronavirus. How should a Christian respond to this pandemic?

How Long Oh Lord? A Prayer for Covid-19

Violet James shares a guided prayer for this Covid-season. "We commit all the people who have been gripped by Covid-19 and are fighting ..."

First Things First

Charles Slack explores the connection between happiness and getting what we want.

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Dr Jonathan James is the President of AEF International, a mission organisation with 200 staff members in 10 countries in Asia and beyond. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Singapore and holds an M.A. in Telecommunication and Media from Columbia College (USA), an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Talbot Theological Seminary (USA) and a PhD in International Communications from Edith Cowan University in Australia.

He served as the Associate Pastor of the well-known Swanston Street Church of Christ (Melbourne, Australia). Dr. James has preached and conducted seminars in several Asian countries, USA and Canada and is the author of a few books.



Dr Ray Dallin has extensive experience in Marketing and management and Christian School ministry.  His work experience includes: eight years as Executive Director of Kingsway Christian College, six years as CEO of Rehoboth Christian College and four years as Emeritus Principal of Sheridan College.

Dr Ray Dallin holds a Doctorate in Education, EdD and a Master of Commerce, M. Com from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and a Bachelor of Commerce, B. Com (Hons) degree from the University of Alberta, Canada. He has been the Chairman of the board of AEF International since 2000.



Pastor Matt Hall is a part time Co-Pastor of the Scarborough Baptist Church in Perth, Australia and gifted in the areas of expository preaching and pastoral care. Educated in Canada, UK and Australia, Pastor Matt has a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from Perth Bible College. He has had extensive social work experience working with marginalised communities and has served in mission boards and ministry movements in the UK.

In 2019, he was appointed the International Training Director and Australian Director of AEF International and in this role, he heads up the Asia College of Ministry (ACOM) which has centres in Malaysia, Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia. 



Dr Daniel James, a medical Doctor serving in Wallarroo, South Australia, is an experienced Church planter and pastor of the Wallaroo Bible Fellowship in, Australia. He founded a church in a place quite resistant to the Gospel but through prayer and perseverance he has reached many for Christ and baptised many people of all walks of life. He is also deeply involved in mission work with Armenian Christian Mission in Armenia and with the Christian Mission International Aid (CMIAID) in Moldova. 

Son of the well-known evangelist, the late Dr G D James, Dr Daniel James is a Bible teacher and conference speaker with giftings in expository preaching and pastoral care.



Dr Violet James has been a professor at Singapore Bible College teaching Church History and World Religions until her recent retirement when she was appointed Alumni Advisor and Adjunct Lecturer. Dr Violet James is also associated with the Yio Chu Kang Chapel in Singapore where she is a Pastoral Worker.

She is a graduate of Wheaton College (USA) and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) where she completed her PhD under Professor Andrew Walls.



Dr Charles W Slack lives in Perth, Australia. He studied at Princeton University in the USA with a PhD in Psychology. He then became an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Harvard University in USA. At the age of 50, Charles had an amazing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ which changed his life and future career.

He is still serving the Lord in his nineties having useful conversations with people and sharing with others the goodness of God



Jonathan is currently the Director of Special Projects (East Asia/South Asia) in AEF International. Based in Singapore, Mr Cortes previously served in various mission organisations. He has a Master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning and an International Diploma in Restorative Justice from Queens University, Canada.


He is also a member of the lay leadership core team of the Filipino congregation of Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church (BBTC) and NetFil – a nation-wide fellowship of Filipino ministries in Singapore.



Geoff Folland has been a university chaplain in Sydney since 1995. He leads the Power to Change at the University of Sydney and the University of Notre Dame.

Geoff's background was Accounting before stepping into his ministry call. Geoff has a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary and has a ministry of teaching, evangelism and discipleship.

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Davidson James is a practising Solicitor and a lay preacher in Sydney, Australia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Singapore, a Masters in Law from the University of Tasmania and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation from Monash University. 

Davidson has been a legal advisor to several churches and Christian Organisations. He serves on the Board of Every Home and the G D James Foundation.  



Benjamin is a speaker and an author with a mission of helping people live out their ultimate purpose in a fulfilling way. Previously he served as Executive Vice President of Singapore Exchange.

He holds an MBA in marketing and finance from the Loyola University in Chicago. Benjamin also completed graduate studies in New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School after graduating in theology from Moody Bible Institute.



Siga, whose name in Spanish translates to the command form for “follow”, now lives out his journey with his wife Barbara and son Hugo in Singapore. 

His early life was marked with eventful voyages with the merchant marines. He found therapy through performance theatre in New York & the Czech Republic and writes songs adapted from the Psalms. 

An aficionado of Eugene H. Peterson and Jazz greats - Miles Davis and John Coltrane; when not cooking for the family, or taking long cold walks in Glasgow or rambling on Santa Monica beaches, Siga works for a bank.



Cheng  Eng Hwa started his pastoral ministry in Singapore in 1986 and was ordained in 1996. He now spends time with others as a spiritual companion and accompanies those who engage in Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises.



Daniel Trihandarkha is passionate in preaching and teaching the words of God. He encourages young people to dig deep into the words of God to discover God's plan for the world. He is the Chairman of the Churches of Christ of Indonesia, and  lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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