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A Partner with God

Daniel was a man of God to the point where God gave him everything he needed to fulfill God’s purposes in his time.

  • Daniel made God the centre of his being, he depended on God to give him the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and insight he required for every situation.

  • Daniel gave back to God in ways that pleased God.


We especially see wisdom displayed in Daniel, which far exceeded the wisdom of any other seer or wise man at the time. Daniel saw in God all the strength, courage and ability he needed to rise to the highest levels of leadership in whatever situation he was in:

Commit your ways to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He will do it.

(Ps. 37:5)

In his natural ability, Daniel was not more educated, more knowledgeable, more experienced than any of those around him at the time. However, because of his dependence on God for all he needed, he far outshone everyone in knowledge, ability and wise counsel. In exhibiting this amazing ability, he was humble in his success as he moved constantly in partnership with God.

In partnership with God

Today, during this crisis, God is looking for those who will move into partnership with Him, just as Daniel did in the struggle for mankind. God is looking for those who can say:

God is my strength and He makes my way perfect

(2 Sam. 22:33).

We can see clearly that in Daniel’s life, God was His strength and that God made his way perfect.

Daniel’s faithfulness resulted in God’s glory being revealed and His purposes established.

Today, God wants to raise a new generation of Daniels -- men and women who will put God first, depend on Him fully and boldly live for His purposes.

Ray Dallin

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