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A prayer you can use for COVID-19

Our Loving Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge that you are the almighty God who sits on the throne, and your right hand is stretched out to rule, guide, heal, restore and renew the nations. You are our loving Father who cares for us deeply and knows us personally and intimately. What a wonderful God you are! There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do, and everything that happens is known to you! This gives us great comfort and courage to approach your throne of grace and to beseech you for the nations around the world that are suffering from this virus, and the thousands that have died from it.

We pray for your comfort for those who grieve and for those who are stricken with this disease.

We want to pray for the health workers who have sacrificed their lives as they tirelessly have ministered to the sick and the dying. Some of them have died in the process and their families have been stricken with this disease as well. Lord have mercy on all the frontline workers and deliver them from sickness and death. May you empower them to continue to use their skills to care and restore the sick and the dying.

We also pray for the people around the globe who are stricken with fear of death and a sense of deep despair. In the midst of fear and hopelessness, we ask that your Holy Spirit will stir within them a restlessness that will drive them to their knees to search for you. May they humble themselves, repent and acknowledge that you alone are the true and living God, who can save them in their desperate condition.

May many thousands of people around the world humble themselves and ‘seek your face and turn from their wicked ways’ and find peace with you and in you.

We pray this in the name of your resurrected Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


Dr Violet James

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MC Huavas
MC Huavas
May 02, 2020



Apr 20, 2020

Thanks Dr Violet 🙏 this was a helpful prayer.

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