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AEF International's 60th Anniversary-Reaching a Milestone

Asia has 60% of the world’s population with less than 10% who know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

In March 1940 a young preacher was seen wandering through the villages and towns in South India, speaking to individuals or preaching to tiny groups of people here and there.

About three years before then he had emerged from the strongholds of a faith that offered no hope and yielded his life to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Master. He wasted no time in telling his dear ones about the love he found in Christ.

He was lonely, homeless and penniless. Very often he went without food. Many a time the only nourishment he had was a couple of bananas and cold water. But there was a radiance on his face and confidence in his steps as he went about sharing with people the love of God.

The young preacher went to his relatives after fasting and prayer and testified to them about his newly-found living Saviour. The Spirit of God was obviously at work, and within six months some 30 of his close relatives were transformed as a result of receiving Christ. A little local Church was established in that village.

But this young man had a greater God given vision for the whole of Asia, one that would see Asian nationals bringing their own people to Christ, and so AEF International was formed in 1960. Today AEFI operates in 10 Asian countries and has a task force of over 200 national missionaries involved in dynamic evangelism, church planting and training ministries.

This young man was none other than G. D. James, who became a world- renowned evangelist, Bible teacher, author and scholar.

AEFI recently celebrated 60 years of service through the marvels of online streaming technology and you can watch a recording of that celebration here:

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