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How do you react to the birth of Jesus Christ?

I am always amazed by the characters closely connected to the birth of Jesus, the Messiah-King of the Jews, and the Savior of mankind.


The reaction of Mary was one of a big surprise in her life which culminated in faith and submission to the will of God.


The shepherds reflected a kind of fear that turned into extraordinary excitement. They left their flocks and made their way to Bethlehem and after seeing the Child they went back proclaiming what they saw.


Then the old and  faithful servants in the temple, Simeon and Anna showed a deep faith in the promise and fulfilment of God’s Word that He would send the deliverer -Jesus the Saviour.


Let us not forget the curious wise men or astrologers who travelled a long way to the place of Jesus' birth to offer Him precious gifts.


Finally, on this list, we read about Herod, whose reaction was diametrically opposite to the forgoing reactions. He wanted to get rid of Jesus because he looked at Him as an opponent.


It is my prayer that our reactions and attitudes to the story of the birth of Jesus would be positive as we celebrate Christmas this year. We have every reason to celebrate, but may our reactions be the kind that leads us to wonder, worship and submit to our our Lord and God. 


Blessings and Merry Christmas, you, and your family,


Met Castillo

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