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Jesus the Healer – Self Meditations

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

If you have a Bible turn to the New Testament book of Matthew and read how Jesus is the healer in a variety of situations.

Observe how, why and who he healed. Use these ten encounters as a meditation guide and write your lessons under each section.

1. Curing of the leper near Gennesaret Matthew 8:1–4

2. Healing Centurion’s servant Matthew 8:5–13

3. Healing of Peter’s mother in law Matthew 8:14–15

4. Restoring of paralytic at Capernaum Matthew 9:1–8

5. Raising of Jairus’ daughter Matthew 9:18–19, 23 – 26

6. Curing of woman with a twelve-year bleeding condition Matthew 9:20–22

7. Giving sight to two blind men Matthew 9:27–31

8. Healing of mute demoniac Matthew 9:32–34

9. Restoring of withered hand Matthew 12:9–14

10. Restoring sight to blind Bartimaeus, Matthew 20:29–34

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