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My Life Changing Story

Who am I? I define myself as a changed person. To know me you need to know how and why I’m not the same. My personal identity involves what I used to be like, what happened and what I am like now.

I began professional life as high-status academic but, I constantly lied, cheated, stole and took drugs. Alcoholism and drug-abuse brought me down from my academic pinnacle, but the Lord Jesus miraculously lifted me up to a new life with Him. I am a new creature in Christ with nothing in my blood but blood (and some caffeine) since 3 March 1976.

At the age of 25, I got a PhD degree in Psychology from Princeton University in USA. At 26, I became an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Harvard University. And, at age 50, I came to a critical point in my life when I admitted my sins, repented, got baptised and began to live the life Jesus had planned for me.

I’m no longer a Counsellor or a Therapist. These days I only do conversation: free speech and assembly. I “gave up” my PhD and got a job which does not require an advanced degree.

Jesus was not “a professional” so, although I still possess my degree as a document, I only use it to help friends for free. When people ask me: “Are you a psychologist?” I jokingly say, I’m a “reformed psychologist”.

Details of my sinful life are available to all on the Internet.

Charles William Slack

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